Friday, July 10, 2009

Silverlight 3

Our partners over in the Silverlight Runtime (SLR, formerly Jolt) have done a bang-up job working on Silverlight 3, which is released to the public today. There are scads of new features. Go check it out!

We did some very targeted features in the CoreCLR for Silverlight 3, but it is largely the same engine as it was before. One of the important parts for Mac users is that there are some changes to be compatible with Snow Leopard in there. (Silverlight 2’s CoreCLR mostly works, but there are some edge cases that might show up issues, depending on the Silverlight application.)

Over here, we have our heads down for the most part, putting the finishing touches on the Visual Studio 2010 (aka Dev10) release. We’ve already released a Beta 1 of the new .NET Framework v4 (including our CLR bits). Finally, the desktop CLR will see some of the stuff that we’ve been showcasing in the CoreCLR! Furthermore, Visual Studio will have several improvements to support the design and debugging of Silverlight content.

It’s always nice to see one’s work finally make it to the public.

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