Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Entourage is taking a work break

I honestly don’t remember when I first started using Entourage. I suspect it was back before Project Athena was named Entourage, and was simply the Mac version of Outlook Express. I’d hooked up my work Exchange server account via IMAP, and later Entourage’s built-in Exchange support. Yesterday, for the first time in many moons, I can’t use Entourage to access my work e-mail.

The reason: We’re moving on up. Many Microsofties’ accounts are getting migrated to Exchange 2010 so we all can dogfood, dogfood, dogfood. And WebDAV in Exchange 2010 has gone the way of the dodo1.

Never fear, intrepid Mac Office users: in lieu of switching to the aging, legacy, Windows-centric MAPI, the Mac Office folks are designing forward to the newfangled Exchange Web Services (EWS), the faster replacement for WebDAV. EWS works on Exchange 2007, and will have expanded capabilities in 2010.

Nonetheless, we dogfooders are stuck choosing between hot dogfood-on-dogfood action (i.e., the latest builds of Entourage EWS against the pre-release Exchange 2010) or waiting until Mac Office makes their release. Since I’m no longer on the team (i.e., not building and debugging it day in and day out), and it’s both about my home and my work data, I’m inclined to sit this one out, and wait on pins and needles until they come out with the new coolness.
1A better list of changing APIs for Exchange 2010 can be found here.


Martin Woodward said...

Any idea how the Exchange Support in Snow Leopard works - does it use EWS for Mail.app?

Nathan Herring said...

Snow Leopard is still under NDA, even though they do allow discussion of it on their forums. I suggest you ask there.

They certainly have licensed the ActiveSync protocol for use with the iPhone Exchange services, so that's an option too. EWS requires no such license.