Saturday, July 07, 2007

Iced americano and a little brie

I’m (mostly) taking a day off from tech today. It’s another fabulous summer day in Seattle. Started the morning off with baked eggs from the Hi Spot, found my way onto a number 2 to downtown, wandered through the Freeway Park for I think the very first time(!) to the Convention Center, to The Stamp and Coin Shop, where I finally purchased a coin album to finally get my coins out of the shoeboxes and converted chocolate boxes and into something nice.

Another number 2, and I’m back at home, and somewhere I get the desire to go jogging. (Where did THAT come from?) Made it all of five blocks before switching back to walking and headed home. While our housemates were hosting their birthing class reunion, I finally got the hammock my parents had given me many years ago for my birthday (when I lived in a condo with nowhere to put it) installed in our back yard. On my way back in, I pilfered a little brie from the remnants of the reunion treats, and now I’m off to take Michael’s folding bike, which Miller borrowed on my behalf, to 2020 Cycle to get patched, and I’m thinking a little iced americano from Katy’s will go well with the remaining taste of brie. Mmm… good day so far.

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