Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A hole to crawl into

Somewhere between a recent series of emotionally charged misunderstandings with a friend of mine and the Seattle weather and who knows what else, I've regressed to not wanting to leave the house. Yesterday, I felt competent enough to stare at e-mail, usenet, and blog postings, but felt entirely lethargic and slept through most of the day, never making it in to work. Today, I spent a short day at work, and then worked at negotiating a truce between two owners in our building with adjacent units with regard to sound issues. Blech.

Both yesterday and today, there were social events that were interesting that I could have attended. I'm just not sure what made them unworthy or home so inviting. It certainly wasn't the lure of SciFi Original Pictures or one of the Law and Order variants. Nonetheless, it's somehow easy to stay up until 5am alternating between channels and web browsing.

Makes me wish I were back on the playa, where the nights were colorful, the stars inviting, and it was a joy to walk everywhere with my friends and my sweetie.

Guess I have some more decompression to do.

UPDATE: In terms of actually interesting late night television, I stumbled on ASSSSSCAT: Improv on Bravo, and laughed my fool head off.


Kristen said...

Could the weather be affecting you? I've had to pull my lightbox out early because the amount of sunlight I'm getting is low. Stupid SAD...

Nathan Herring said...

Wish I knew. I'm sure my lack of exercise regimen has some effect on it.